Innovative • Local • Fresh

For over 35 years of experience in the Mexican Food Industry, we know a thing or two about great tacos. We are a Family-owned Restaurant offering local meats, craft beers, wines, best chicken, seafood, fresh produce, home-made tortillas, and quality ingredients.

We believe in giving back to the community and our Chefs Alfredo from Mexico City and Jesus from Baja California are always creating innovative Mexican cuisines to excite your palate! WE proudly welcome you to Manolete’s Taqueria Gourmet.

Our Chefs demonstrate a conscious respect for production and take pride in thinking globally and shopping locally. They are passionate about the art of creating authentic and great-tasting cuisines for our patrons. Manolete’s is thrilled to have Chef Alfredo and Chef Jesus offering our customers a creative take on consistently fresh and tasty dishes using the best local meats and vegetables.

Chef Alfredo

Chef Jesus